How Much can you Earn in YouTube ?

News 11:04 April 2024:

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Many people ware using social media platforms like YouTube to earn, and those free YouTube likes are very important for anyone into YouTube career. The big question is, how much subscribers and free likes do you need to make a living as a YouTuber?

To be sincere, some don’t even know they can make a living through social media. Some social media users just use it for fun. However, with platforms such as Tumblr, Spotify,Sound Cloud and many others available in the market, one can actually earn big deal by just making a good use of them. In my aspect here, I want to give you an idea of how much you can earn as a YouTuber. If you are considering making your YouTuber career a fulltime job not for just many subscribers and free YouTube likes but also to earn significantly and make a living out of it, then it’s a great idea that you are reading this article.

Basically, there are two answers to a question, how much you can earn in YouTube.There is a simple answer to it and a more accurate one.

My simple answer to how much you can earn as a YouTuber.

As a YouTuber, you might be lucky to get up to more than a 1000 views on the content you share. You are going to have varying viewers depending on what you post. The number of viewers is also likely to determine the number of free YouTube likes you will receive. Let’s say for example, if you are an advertiser and your aim is 1000 views, this means your average cost $2.00 which translates to $2000 for one thousand views. From this revenue, the YouTube will take 45% and you are left with $1,100. Secondly, we can look at it this way, if a free YouTuber likes uploads one video per week, and there is one ad on every and you make a get views from one million subscribers, this means that your salary as a YouTuber is $57,200 annually. Good money right!

Basically, based on my simple answer, there are a lot of assumptions being made in this case due to lots of averages. What this means is that this answer could actually be wrong since many factors are ignored. Simplicity is what almost everyone wishes for, almost every social media platform user wants to set a goal, work towards as many followers and subscribers as possible, and be able to reach their desired free likes. This is no different with YouTube. A YouTuber wants more subscribers so that they can earn more. However, if you think YouTube and, its free YouTube likes will give you a good salary, therefore its good you know that there isn’t any set monetary value to associate with this fulltime career you want.

There is no actual amount you can earn either annually or even monthly. This .is due to the fact that the views for a bid will vary by either a tropic, country, audience, time of the year, by demand or even audience income. There are actually a large number of factors that will be the determinants of the money you will make on every video you share on your YouTube channel. Therefore, it is just a mare assumption that you will be making that $57,200 annually. There is no assurance in this and the reality is that whatever you will make on YouTube will entirely depend on your subscribers and views on which there is no guaranteed number.

Finally, it’s never going to be easy to tell what you can earn on your YouTube channel. There are many things you must consider as far as becoming a fulltime YouTube r is concerned. You should consider the cost you will incur, just like any other business set up. You need to look at taxes, tools, and always bear it in mind that you sometimes need editors and you must pay them. Editors comes in especially when you are managing a channel with more than one million subscribers, because you need your piece to be clearly edited to maintain quality videos to ensure they achieve their objectives. That’s how things can get complicated with YouTubers eager to lay a hand on that YouTube income. Well, you will need a very good management strategy to ensure you maintain your subscribers for more views and also free YouTube likes. 

Can we still Trust Facebook?

Everyday there are new Facebook accounts being created globally and free Facebook like is something you expect to increase significantly. Facebook, alongside Instagram, snapchat and and other social media platforms are gaining more popularity than any app being introduced would expect. Today we have a number of Facebook users, some trust it fully, others partly and others don’t. the big question now remains; can we still trust Facebook?

Facebook ’s public relations is almost losing it with the critics it is receiving daily. Some technology executives have criticized this social network for exploiting its users. Many have opted for twitter, snapchat and Vimeo, while others think of ignoring the social media platforms completely. Joining Facebook for free Facebook likes isn’t a bad idea, but I personally don’t trust Facebook and there are things I think will be helpful when choosing a platform that helps you catch up with the latest news, learn about how your friends are doing and much more you can do with your social media platforms, I thought you should know this.

Facebook has recently faced a serious scandal and has been under extreme fire for this reason. With this, other platforms like Tumblr and Spotify might drive Facebook out of the market soon considering how things are going. Facebook might be easier for many to use and get those free Facebook likes, maybe much better than Instagram would but when you are hit with a thought of social media selling your personal information you will never be happy about it.

Facebook is believed to be selling your personal information to other companies, therefore threatening your privacy. For example, the MasterCard company signed a deal with Facebook in 2014, giving them access to user’s information. The company used Facebook to monitor the extent to which user’s moods would be affected by the ad campaigns. However, the MasterCard could not stop there, they went ahead to share user’s information with other companies, which has now become a major source of all spam mails and phone calls that people are receiving now and then.

Come to think of it, if Facebook can do the later, what’s the next question? It must be the extent of data Facebook users are forced to spend while positing and trying to follow up for the free Facebook likes just like with other social media platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. Shockingly, every time a user logs into Facebook for normal use, without any consent from the client, Facebook is collecting internet and browser history for reasons unknown to many. Just recently, a data consultant, NikCublrilovic through some investigations on data usage on Facebook found out that even after logging off Facebook, the platform can uncover your private activities. This is scary most especially when you don’t know what Facebook does with this information. However, the speculation going around is that user’s data is another thing they are selling leave alone the idea of selling your personal information.

Sadly, according to an investigation by the Next Web in 2014, there were around 137 million accounts duplicated on Facebook. I may not be able to tell about Tumblr, Instagram or other social media platforms, but I can say that this duplicated accounts pose like regular people, and once you click on any link to share, your personal information is swiped and sold to some companies that use your information and identities. This means someone is posing to be a friend and they are able to distribute your data across the internet just like that.

Of course, what this means is that with Facebook there is a lot to deal with. Leave alone taking care of your privacy and information, but also your data. You can never trust Facebook entirely. Many people have opted out due to threats to their privacy. However, some are still glued there. They cannot live without the brilliant ability of Facebook to enhance their social interactions. With this now, the only conclusion I can make is that if you have a Facebook account, be warned of the scams and bear in mind that whatever you are posting for those free Facebook likes might not only be seen by just your friends. It goes much beyond.