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Lucid dreaming—in which the dreamer realizes they are in a dream—can be a profoundly powerful tool that unlocks creativity, enhances self awareness, and deepens higher consciousness (and yes, you can also make yourself fly). Trying to control your mind when you’re already asleep seems like a tall order, but with a little practice and some helpful tools, anyone can access the mysterious world of exploring their dreams. Whether you’re new to the idea or a seasoned lucid dreamer, these herbs, sprays, and guides will help you dream a little deeper.  

Dream Elixir

Anima Mundi’s botanical dream elixir uses a potent blend of herbs (including Kalia, Kava Kava, and Guayusa) that restores the hypothalamus and relieves stress to encourage lucid dreaming. One or two tablespoons before bed (taken alone or mixed with tea) will help you access and engage your dreamscape.



Mugwort has long been associated with vivid dreams (along with its protective and healing properties). A cup of Mugwort tea is recommended, but you can also simply sprinkle the dried herb around your pillow before bedtime.


Lucid Dream Misting Spray

Lavender, Sandalwood, and Jasmine work on your olfactory senses to not only relax you into a deep REM sleep, but also help you recall your dreams when you wake up.


Chakrubs Amethyst 

Chakrubs are designed to supercharge crystal healing with your own sexual energy—and who doesn’t want to go to bed feeling happy? The Amethyst edition is used to promote lucid dreaming and inner balance.


Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s seminal text on lucid dreaming is a perfect guide to the art of exploring your dreams. There are many books on the subject, but this is the place to start.




March is Dream On month here at Sanctuary, a new series in which we’ll explore the ins and outs of lucid dreaming. Check back each week for more practical guides, dream meditations, and expert advice on how to explore your dreams and awaken your mind. 

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