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Dreams have always been an important part of my magical tool belt, and it was actually the precognitive dreams I had as a child that led me to the study of tarot and metaphysics. Within my own magical and creative practice, I use dreams for problem solving, inspiration, and checking in with my higher self. The dream state can bring subconscious hopes, fears or unfulfilled desires to the forefront of the mind using the language of personal symbolism. While many symbols are universal to human existence, our individual experience colors and alters our personal symbolic content. For example, dreaming about swimming in the ocean might be invigorating to a professional surfer, yet the same dream would be terrifying to someone who doesn’t know how to swim. Your dream experience will be deeply personal, so the following exercises are meant to bring understanding to the cultivation of your own personal dream work. I’ve found the following methods to be simple and effective dream exercises, wonderful for beginners and seasoned dreamers alike.

Tips for Remembering Dreams

One of the biggest issues with working with dreams is simply remembering them! So here is a simple exercise to help with dream recall:

As you are lying in bed preparing for sleep, repeat the following phrase to yourself: “I will remember my dreams in the morning.”

Repeat as many times as possible, and do your best to believe the mantra. This simple practice allows your subconscious mind to be open to the possibility of dream recall. As a tarot reader and dream interpreter, I often hear people say they rarely remember their dreams. This is simply a personal assumption, and can actually become a subconscious block over time. Repeating this simple exercise every night will help to open the doors of the conscious mind to dream recall.

The Dream Journal

This is one of my favorite tools! Keep a small notebook by your bed and record your dreams first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to keep track of your personal dream symbolism, as well as a window into your subconscious mind. There is also the possibility that your dreams are foreshadowing events that will happen in the following day, week, month or even year, and this allows you to look back and see whether your dreams are giving you clues about what’s ahead for you.

Dream Magic

If you’re already comfortable with dream recall, then it might be time to go deeper into your dream work. The following is a simple spell to answer a specific question using dream magic:


A white or blue candle

Smudge of choice to cleanse your space (sage, palo santo, frankincense etc.)

Mugwort Incense

white paper and pen or pencil

Before you go to bed, find a quiet and peaceful place to set up your tools. Using your favorite cleansing herb, incense or wood, intentionally clear the space and invite in your spirit guides, angels, and helpful loving ancestors. Ask them to bless your ceremony and surround you in white light, and ask for their protection during your dream work. Light the candle and the Mugwort incense and bring your focus to your question, breathing deeply and filling yourself with peace and positive energy. Write your question on the piece of paper, and hold it in your hands. Meditate on the question, asking for guidance and help from your higher self. Once you feel yourself becoming drowsy, snuff out the candle (don’t blow it out!) and place your written question under your pillow. Repeat the mantra “I will remember my dreams in the morning” as many times as you can as you are falling asleep. Be sure to have your dream journal nearby to record your dreams in the morning.

You may need to repeat this spell a few times before the dream occurs. Also, be open to what comes through: we don’t always get the answer we want to hear, and our dreams often use symbolic images that might be consciously confusing. If a particular element is confusing, then write it down and ask yourself how it makes you feel and if it relates to any past experiences or associations in your life.

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Image via G.iulina.
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