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Tonight’s New Moon in Capricorn allows us another opportunity to reflect and renew as we move closer to welcoming 2017 and all the changes of a new year. As a New Moon signals fresh cycles, new beginnings, and a refreshing of opportunities, it’s the perfect time to break free of the past and engage with the future with wisdom, maturity, and perspective. Here are three things to keep in mind to best embrace the bleating last New Moon of the year:

Work from the ground up: Capricorn is an Earth sign, so tonight’s New Moon is the perfect time to get grounded and stabilized before walking boldly into the new year. The energy of the goat can do wonders for inspiring us to be strong, steadfast, and responsible, so consider intentions that have to do with leadership, whether that means in your work, with your community, or to change stubborn patterns within yourself.

Use frustrations for good: While Capricorn energy is pragmatic, Mercury is still in retrograde (and will be until January 8th), so be patient with yourself and others about potential miscommunications. Instead of shying away from conflict, look at the New Moon as a time to break old patterns and find new ways of solving problems and being resourceful. Remember, these are the cycles you are going to take into the new year, so use these last few days of 2016 to break those patterns that aren’t working for you anymore.

For mature audiences only: Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see an immediate change after your moon ritual, as this particular New Moon is more of an investment than a revolution. As astrologer Chani Nicholas says, “Capricorn isn’t a fast moving sign. Its cardinal modality encourages action and the utility of its resources, but the actions that Capricorn takes are best appreciated by the kind of perspective that only time can grant us. Capricorn gets better with age. Capricorn is the Crone, the Sage, the Wise One. Capricorn reminds us that we are only as good as the practice we have put in day after day, year after year. Capricorn reminds us that we need patience for the lengthy and challenging process that is self-mastery.” Maturity and patience will allow you to reap the intentions you sew in this Earthy New Moon for the rest of the new year.

Image via Adzie Abdul.

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