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Magick isn’t just for full moon rituals and sacred spaces. Any practitioner can use the tools they work with to help them harness the full potential of their workspaces, whether the space is a cafe corner, a library table, or your desk at work or home. It doesn’t take much to elevate your space from mundane to mystical when you deploy your magick to making your workspace perfect for you.

Do A Clean Sweep

There’s no getting work done in a space cluttered up with old coffee cups and scraps of paper. When preparing for a ritual, witches of all stripes usually start by cleaning out the space. It’s not just about clearing a space for your computer to rest, but getting some fresh air and fresh energy into the space. Start by pulling back the curtains and opening the windows of the room of the room you work in.  Give your surfaces a wipe with some cleaner, preferably something that you enjoy the smell of. Once your work surfaces are clean, sort knick knacks and loose papers into permanent homes. Tidy up the room, and give it a pass with a broom or vacuum.

Some people like to burn incense or light a candle to perk up a space; if you do, use a scent that put you in a joyful and energetic mood. When subject to company or cafe policy, try bringing a container of antibacterial wipes to get a quick clean in, and keep your space neat while you work to keep you on task.

Set Up Your Space

Treat setting up your workspace just like setting up an altar. Keep the tools you need and objects that inspire you close at hand, and treat yourself to supplies that make you want to engage. Having tools that make you excited to work is particularly helpful for workers who roam from public spaces in search of a free spot rather than a designated desk, and take the time to set them up before you get down to work. Whether you prefer rose gold accessories or bright colors, make aesthetic choices for your workspace that make your space feel like a celebration of your goals.

Bring in Some Help

Do you work with crystals and candles? Maybe you make your magick with sigils or with herbal potions. Whatever kind of magic you prefer to work with, bring it into your workspace with intention. Certain crystals like quartz or calcite are for focus; keep them on a narrow shelf above your workspace with your pens and pencils. If carved or scented candles help focus intentions to work, light a particular candle each time it’s time to work. Working with sigils is a great way to focus intentions as well, and elaborate sigils can be hung as gorgeous decor for your work room walls to help anchor the space. Crystals in particular can be brought with you, so consider bringing along a piece of calcite in your bag as a totem of your dedication.

Go For Greenery

Plants can act as air purifiers and humidifiers, and also bring some cheerful color and liveliness to the room. Philodendron, snake plants and aloe are all easy to care for plants that have these benefits. They are perfect for the more forgetful indoor gardener as well, since all are low-maintenance and requiring only occasional watering in low light. If you can’t bring a potted plant along with you to where you work, consider making your computer background gorgeous greenery, or listen to a outdoor recording for white noise instead of your usual podcast.

Set a Routine

Ritual is important across many different magic practices, partly because having a repetitive,  strict outline helps us retain information and get into a mystical mindset. Harness this power for your workspace by instilling a routine that makes you feel ready to work. Start every day with a review of your necessary tasks, and bookend your day with a similar review, to get you in the habit. This is also a great place to incorporate your helpful magicks: lighting the same candle each time you sit down to work tell your brain that it’s time to get down to business.

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