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The first full moon of May is here, and it’s bringing a supercharged Scorpio energy with it. Feelings of confusion, vulnerability, and mystery are common as we move into enigmatic Scorpio, but this is a great time to shake off old boundaries and reset for new opportunities. Tonight is a night for the wild one within you. Read below for our top tips of making the best of tonight’s full moon.

Boldness rules. Scorpio is one of the most intense signs in the zodiac, so be ready for this full moon to fill you with a sense of renewed energy and strength. If there are projects you haven’t felt ready to dive into, relationships that need to be redefined, career goals that lie just ahead of you, or simply any life changes you’ve been hedging on, this is the time to jump into the future with confidence and momentum. You’ve done the work reflecting and anticipating what you want, and now it’s time for action. Embrace your intentions. The future is already in you!

Messy matters. Be ready for emotional transformation. If you’re feeling scattered or confused right now, you’re not alone. This kind of energy isn’t always easy to contain, and that’s a good thing! Tapping into wild, primal emotions is a fundamental part of who we are, and they can be as therapeutic as they are motivating. This isn’t a night for quiet rituals. Dance, cry, sing, yell, howl at the moon! If there’s pain, tap into it. If there’s joy, celebrate it (and don’t be surprised if they exist at the same time). Celebrate your place in the universe—it’s a wild wonderful world, and it wouldn’t be the same without you.

Channel your power. It’s so easy these days to be discouraged about the effect you can have not just in your own life, but in the world at large. But take heart. Power isn’t something you are given, it’s something you have within you already. As astrologer Chani Nicholas says, “Power is not really ours if it stems from an outside source. That’s privilege. That’s luck. That’s not what lasts. Power must be claimed as our own.” Tonight’s moon is a great opportunity to tap into your power potential. The things you say will be heard, and the actions you take will matter. Be honest, get weird, take action, and revel in what you have to offer the world. Work with Topaz, Malachite, and Ruby to reflect and radiate the potential that lies ahead.




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