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May’s planetary mashup means opportunities for advancement on many levels—whether we’re ready for it or not. Saturn makes its second of three trines to Uranus this month sparking hasty developments and shaking up the status quo.  Being prepared is good, but staying flexible with plans is even better. Overall, the month is characterized by a martially mercurial atmosphere. While Venus continues to slowly march forward through Aries, Mercury stations direct on the 3rd, zipping through the last degrees of Aries and meeting up with Uranus before its pleasant transit through Taurus.  Both planets move to reconcile the recent retrograde issues through a series of stimulating configurations, but Venus in Aries directs us through some bumpier terrain along the way. Late May sees the Sun flit into socially-oriented Gemini, before the stirring aspects of the confrontational new moon and Mars-Saturn opposition which emphasize the need to respond more deliberately and react less impulsively.



May opens on a high energy note as Mercury stations direct on the 3rd pointing to some rapid changes and developments, and perhaps a bit of restlessness amongst the community you share a sense of purpose with. The last several months have likely seen your aspirations go through a sort of transformational process in which you may have let go of a dream for one reason or another. But your sense of hope and direction rise from the ashes now as other possibilities become apparent. This month’s new moon flutters in on the 25th serving as a reminder that resting is an important part of mental preparation for the work ahead of you. Resist the urge to keep your busy mind turned “on”.  Slowing down to listen intently (within and without) will lend you better strategies to deal with the challenges you face now.



There’s a general vibe of climbing to greater heights this month as Mercury and Venus trek forward through the ambitious trails of Aries once more.  After realizing what the necessary alterations were during the Mercury retrograde period, you’re ready to intuit your way towards something that feels more right.  As the full moon arrives on the 10th an outpouring of creativity will be the key to freeing up blocked mental energy and getting the right juices flowing to manifest what’s been waiting to come to light. Letting the contents of your mental reservoir be released at this time could be a surprisingly healing experience. Although a renewed gusto and eagerness to work could feel refreshing after a period of stagnation this spring, it would be wise to pace yourself later in the month.  Attempting to do it all as a super-human (and please everyone around you) could create friction with your inner circle.  As the Moon’s light wanes, let Her steady rhythm be your guide and take the time to rest and enjoy the people in your life between the 19th and 25th.



 This month’s events are bookended by moments of empowerment which serve as a platform to aid you in further manifesting your calling.  If you knew you had cosmic support on speed-dial and you let go of hesitation in exchange for genuine effort, what would you pursue?  Consider your mind to be well-oiled for strategic success throughout the month, but make sure to leave yourself a little space to reflect on and tend to emotional needs lying beneath the surface during the full moon on the 10th. Heated feelings of panic and desperation could creep up on you during the last third of the month when you’re presented the challenging task of executing long-awaited plans into motion. Take heart that there are more options available to you than you might initially realize. Remember, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. The new moon’s arrival on the 25th invites you to lean on friends and the wider community for the support you need.



 Wrapping up any financial snags and sorting residual issues involving shared resources that arose during the Trickster’s retrograde will take priority early in the month.  May’s astrological weather sees most of your energy beginning to shift towards upcoming professional goals, but being ready for unexpected developments around the people and resources that you depend on will also be a feature of this month’s theme.  An exploration of new territory within your career could mean feeling out of your depth, but don’t let insecurities divert your efforts. You can handle it. While the new moon on the 25th bestows an alluring boost to your reputation and encourages you to expand your professional reach beyond familiar terrain, establishing a balance between your home base and the horizons ahead will be a significant feat to embrace.



 Confusion around the give and take dynamics of your relationships begins to clear up as Mercury stations direct on the 3rd, but what comes to light now could drastically alter your perspective on your ideals of partnership.  The way you relate to significant others this month is like an augmented mirror reflecting the self.  Perceived imperfections about your partner or relationship could feel magnified now, signaling a need to take a few steps back to acknowledge the bigger picture and move beyond disappointment.  Opportunities for deeper exploration of a shifting spiritual truth rests hidden within your interpersonal exchanges around the dark moon on the 25th.  You could find a little venturing out of your comfort zone and embracing different viewpoints does your love life some good.



 Several planetary configurations accentuate a heightened level of intimacy facilitated by honest communication throughout the month.  What follows is a much deeper understanding between you and a partner by month’s end.  If you’ve been holding back in expressing something to a significant other, make a little effort to connect and allow the realness to unfold.  This will give you the closeness you so desire.  A sexually charged full moon arrives on the 10th urging you to satisfy your needs, but be mindful that you’re not simply avoiding dealing with any complicated relationship dynamics waiting to be addressed.  As the month winds to its end, you’ll be asked to dig within and define what you want from partnership and how much you’re willing to invest to get it.



This month’s astrology calls attention to polarization in your relationships.  While bonds could bring you and someone you work with closer together around the new moon on the 25th, you’ll want to be mindful that there’s mutual respect of boundaries between you. This goes for any new moon magic or intentions you may commit to. Partnerships begun now could be dynamic and fill you with a sense of adventure, but stability and predictability won’t be something you can depend on. It could feel like there’s a sort of on/off switch that attracts and repels you to a certain someone and that switch could get overheated around the 28th. Consider taking whatever space you need now until the temper and flames die down a bit so as not to burn useful bridges.



Refreshing insights become apparent from the beginning of May, after re-evaluating aspects of your foundations.  This month encourages you to shed burdens of the past and continue moving towards that which supports you.  That includes honoring an undeniable need to do whatever necessary to make sure your home is a sanctuary and not a dungeon of stress that diminishes your mental well-being and compromises your success at work. Late month, swift changes and sudden opportunities arrive that could feel unsettling as you attempt to adjust your routine and adapt your pace to unpredictable circumstances.  Embrace the unknown and resist the natural reaction to dodge a little chaos.



May is sprinkled with opportunities to enlighten your sense of emotional intelligence as forgotten visceral experiences await to be unearthed from the vaults of your past.  The culmination of the full moon on the 10th spills light on the magnitude of your hunger for success.  Don’t underestimate how far forward your passions can propel you to where you want to be.  Deliberately planning for a sturdy foundation will serve to steady your focus later in the month when juggling multiple pet project puts you at risk of scattering your efforts too thin. Surprising new aspirations could quickly come into your awareness around the 18th as the dynamic Saturn-Uranus configuration perfects for the second time in five months.  Think back to last December to get a better idea as to how this planetary weather could manifest.  It may be time to switch things up if you feel your dreams can’t sustain the type of progress you’re after.



May’s astrology is accompanied by various surprises around work and the status of your bank account.  While a pleasant influx of cash and goodies is likely, you’ll also want to keep something stashed away for a chance of rainy days. Meanwhile, consider connecting with a sibling or mentor for some down-to-earth advice if you notice anxiety stemming from tension around the home front on the 11th.  Managing a balance between home and work projects could feel like an exasperating ordeal by the end of the month. Do your best to immerse yourself in a daily mindfulness practice that engenders patience and keep in mind the kind of damage a sharp tongue can do when conflict presents itself. The renewal of the lunar cycle on the 25th invites you to freshen up the home and add a sense of new life to your sanctuary.  Planting seeds and wheeling in some greenery or repurposing a room could be surprisingly uplifting and rejuvenating now.




While you can look forward to an emerging clarity on how to make the progress you’d like to accomplish, you’ll still want to factor in a few wildcards within your timeline once Mercury stations direct on the 3rd.  A feeling of mental restlessness accompanying the full moon on the 10th is simply an echo of your need to tune into a more instinctual mode of operation as you consider how to replenish necessary resources most efficiently.  It may be wise to hold off on any major decisions now as you’re likely to be scatter-brained and distracted from better judgement. The second half of May blows in a dynamic cluster of planetary configurations which point to opportunities to advance personal projects, but a certain amount of patience and willingness to learn are required to anticipate the most intelligent moves.




Perseverance and strength of mind will lend you a reservoir of staying power as you move closer to distant goals this month. The confusion and fatigue that have been mentally bogging you down will continue to lift over the next several weeks as you become more engaged in the self-care your body and mind have been longing for. The culmination of the full moon on the 10th highlights the motivating forces tying you and significant others—be they a lover or business collaborator—together.  Considering that this lunation also offers insight into the state of your material affairs, it would be financially wise to keep your desires as simple as possible now. Pay attention to disturbing feelings of doubt and anxiety about your future that could surface subconsciously or in the dream world around the 25th. Take the dark moon’s message to heart and feed your sense of self-worth with kinder self-talk.

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