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Present: Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles asks us to take a moment to evaluate our growth. It is so easy to get caught up in the momentum, the struggle to perform, and the need to simply show up, that we can forget what we are actually striving for. Remember, we are all in process. No one is ever truly, “fully blossomed.” We are continuously unfolding, stretching our boundaries, and redefining our meters of success and completion. The Seven of Pentacles reminds us to pause and integrate. Reflect on your intentions from the last New Moon. What has taken root? Remember what it is you are fighting for, and refocus. First and foremost, acknowledge that you are firmly on your path, whether you believe it or not, and whether you are enjoying the journey or not. Once you awaken to the surrounding influences in your life and the energy emanating from your spirit, you will be able to consciously change your course.

Challenge: The Mother of Cups ~ Cancer

The Mother of Cups, bearer of water and emotion, colors our experience with an embodied intensity. She heralds the time to step into our emotional body, no matter how easy or difficult that may seem. Emotions are tricky. For some, they guide their every move, and for others, they are too chaotic to even account for.

Here is the challenge: do not deny your feelings. The Mother of Cups invites us to swim into them, to bathe in them, to get up close and uncomfortable with the feelings that are arising at every waking moment. The lesson here, is to find the lesson. Notice when your gut twangs and lurches back from a situation or person. Notice when you want to curl up in a stranger’s arms. When we are conscious of our emotions, they can be quite illuminating… Caution: The call from Mother Cups is to be present with your emotional body, not to act on your emotions. Simply sit with what arises.

Release: Celebration

In order to move through these times of emotional calibration, it will be important for us to honor the joy in our lives. Celebration signals the need for some honest and intentional partying! Once we step into an embodied emotional zone, we will fully feel into how to best honor our own journey, and the journey of those who surround us in love and support. Create a cosmic ritual to acknowledge your personal growth. Shower your powerful friends with gratitude. Create safe creative spaces to explore the depths of your soul, solo, or with a partner. Take a moment to breathe deeply into the flavors that flood your life with pleasure. We all deserve it.


Tarot deck used:

The Daughter of the Moon Tarot by Ffiona Morgan

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