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Death reappears this week, this time in the past position of our reading. Can you say, “Sayonara?”

Seeing Death here signals a victory in the tough task of letting go. Shedding our personal baggage is no small task, and some of us may still be feeling the death rattle. Be tender with yourself at this time, and understand that everyone has their own vulnerabilities. Those vulnerabilities can be our greatest strengths, if we let them.

We are collectively shifting into a new stage of development (can you feel it?), and we now face the task of shaping our goals and intentions. Since we’ve shifted into earthy Taurus season, now is the perfect time to ground into those desires and shifts in focus and awareness. With a Taurus new moon on Wednesday, we have all the astral juju on our side for cooking up long term plans.

This week, we are presented with two choices and outcomes. These choices represent ways to move into this new phase of consciousness, and how to best ground into our intentions. The two choices have manifested in the Ten of Pentacles, and the Five of Wands.

The Five of Wands (reversed) represents a struggle to find harmony with our purpose. When we are overwhelmed by all the possibility to create in the world, our creative energy can be chaotic and untrained, leaving us feeling stuck. For the energy of the Five of Wands to move through us, we need to manage our creative energy in harmony with the needs of others and the outside world. Understand what feels most authentic to pursue. Don’t get too mired in the process, rather, consider what the outcome of your creation looks and feels like. Embody that outcome.

The outcome of the Five of Wands path is the Seven of Pentacles (reversed). Due to the inherent disharmony of the Five of Wands, the Seven of Pentacles suggests a lack of focus and care taken to achieve the goal. When our intention is scattered, our outcome will be far less than desired. Take this as a cautionary tale. On the onset of a new phase our journey, it is imperative to call in all your energy and create a genuine intention or roadmap, so as to not get lost on the way.

The other choice offered this week is represented by the Ten of Pentacles. This card is often associated with an awareness of the abundance in our lives. It’s time to make use of that abundance and create connections within our communities. Notice how we are all personally shifting, and acknowledge that on a higher, more community focused level. What can we be co-creating and manifesting on a larger scale? In terms of crafting a vision of your next phase, the Ten of Pentacles is a great reminder to stay humble, and to keep your ego out of the way. “Protection” is the signal given on the Barbara Walker deck, as if to remind us that like a good spell, our intentions need a level of guarded secrecy in order to take root and flourish.

The outcome of this path, is the Eight of Pentacles, which signals an opportunity to learn and grow. Perhaps the next phase of our journey is connected with gaining a new skill set, or an influx of fresh ideas or philosophies. Tread off of the worn path and seek a new teacher or a new vocational skill. Stimulating our bodies, hands, and hearts is the ideal way to initiate this Taurus season.

New moon in Taurus Intention: I commit to showing up as my authentic self, to create in harmony with the universe.


Tarot decks used:

The Barbara Walker Tarot, by Barbara Walker

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