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Seven of Cups ~ where we are

The Seven of Cups finds us in a glass half full moment, or rather, a glass overflowing moment. Attempting to wade through the emotional richness of our lives can leave us feeling overwhelmed, or waxing quixotic about the possibilities for change and choice. Take a moment to dig into the texture of your emotional landscape. Which emotions do you find hopeful, and which emotions leave you feeling unfulfilled? It’s easy to daydream about the infinite opportunities with this energy. Ask yourself, which dreams could really stick? Allow yourself to approach your emotions from a learning point of view, rather than letting them run the show.

Eight of Cups ~ where we are moving

A natural progression from the Seven of Cups to the Eight of Cups signals that we are solidly in emotional territory. Processing the abundance of your experience (exemplified by the Seven of Cups) will inevitably take us on a pretty epic inner journey. Time for some serious soul searching. The kind of soul searching that takes you on a trip, whether you decide to travel solo or get serious about a vision quest, the Eight of Cups begs for some focused attunement.

As depicted on the card, the seeker’s back is turned on the cups they have accumulated. What emotions are no longer serving your highest good? What needs to be released from your emotional body in order for you to return to a lightness of being?

The High Priestess ~ our guide

The High Priestess graces us with her presence this week, as an invitation to dig deeper. The goddess of occult vision and knowledge, the High Priestess’s main mode of intelligence is through her intuitive abilities. When we are swimming in highly emotional territory, our intuitive messages can be muddied and difficult to interpret. Allow the High Priestess to drop into your consciousness this week. Studied and confident, the High Priestess raises above the emotional tides and is able to predict and divine their patterns and manifestations. When emotions run rampant, take a moment to step back and assess the situation with clear eyes and an open heart.

The High Priestess is the perfect guide for the Gemini New Moon on Thursday. Take the time to connect with her cosmic energy. If you allow it, she may initiate you to the mysteries.

Creative ~ Unicorn Blessing

A sweet message from the Unicorn Oracle to connect with our creativity this week. Channel all of that emotionality into your chosen mode of expression. Emotions are tricky, amorphous, and hard to pin down, and they are also rich pieces of inspiration for our creative pursuits. Notice what is arising for you and sing, play, dance, paint it right out.


Tarot decks used:

The Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini

Magical Unicorn Oracle by Doreen Virtue

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