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Our animal totem for this week is the Wolf. Wolf medicine is about leadership and the power of an awakened teacher. With an origin story made of the moon and stars, Wolf brings knowledge and teachings from a place of long range consciousness and psychic attunement. Wolf asks us to acknowledge the rumblings of our unconscious selves, and to be prepared to share our gifts with others. Underneath the feet of our majestic Wolf are the energies that are collectively out of balance, which could be potentially restored with Wolf medicine.

The Emperor, reversed ~

Feeling dominated by an overbearing work schedule? Are you constantly confronted with the anxiety that you aren’t doing enough? Told to ignore your gut instincts? These are all examples of the oppressive energy created by a reversed Emperor archetype. We are currently being faced with the realities of a rampant patriarchal leader, with no moral compass. This is the energy of the Emperor reversed. When the rights of the underprivileged and marginalized members of our society hang in the balance, this is the oppression wielded by a reversed Emperor figure. When Mother Earth is turned into an inanimate resource – this is the tragedy of the influence of a reversed Emperor.

Wolf is calling on us to raise above. To acknowledge. To fight back. To say no.

Wolf is reminding us that we have the knowledge we need to restore balance.

Five of Feathers ~

There is always tension when we are in the learning stages. It is a challenge to understand how to work in harmony with our own mind, body, spirit, let alone jive well with those arounds us! In order to move through this tension of finding our sweet spot – our purpose, voice, meaning – we need to work together. Ask for advice from those who are trusted teachers. Allow your intuitive knowledge to shine for those who may need to hear it.

Wolf reminds us to honor our own process, while respecting the gifts of the collective.

The Fool ~

The Fool appears at the base of the spread to remind us who we are. We are all on our own journeys, yes, and, we are all co-creating the reality that we are living. What can we do individually to alter the course of the destructive Emperor? Know that our individual actions affect the collective psyche of our planet.

Wolf asks us to honor all experiences with compassion.

Amethyst ~

Amethyst arrives as an amulet to supercharge our intuitive powers. Having faith in yourself is a truly radical act during these times of control and oppression. Owning your personal power is revolutionary. Amethyst will guide us to a deeper sense of your inner voice, as well as helping us maintain a healthy and balanced mindset.

By the way of Wolf, may we all connect with our inner wisdom, and be empowered to share our gifts with the world. Let’s acknowledge what needs to change, and make conscious efforts to grow.


Tarot decks used:

Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams & David Carson

Wanderer’s Tarot, by Casey Zabala

Visions: A Crystal Oracle Deck, by Jessika Fancy

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