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The Tower ~ Ushering in Change

This week, as Mercury has begun its retrograde journey and we soak up the silver illumination of the full moon in Libra, we are presented with a decision. It is the decision to dive deeper into what is grinding away at our vulnerability. It is the choice to honor our process of personal development. It’s telling us to be aware of our boundaries; are they steel doors, or as invisible as spider’s silk? It’s asking us if our actions and reactions are leading us to the palace of our destiny, or someplace else entirely. If you have been avoiding taking a hard look at what is working, and what isn’t working to further your unfolding, the Tower signals that it’s now or never.

What we can take to heart when the Tower calls, is that change is elemental to the journey. Change occurs naturally. It is a necessity to our personal path. Be open to change, and the path will present itself.

Seven of Pentacles ~ Crossing

The evolution of our growth depends of moments of reflection. Take the time to assess what you’re trying to build or dismantle. Notice how far you’ve come in that process. With our feet firmly planted in the Spring season, welcome the nourishing rains. Allow them to wash over you, coaxing whatever it is you are developing to bloom. With the Seven of Pentacles we are being gifted a moment of integration to connect back to the work of manifestation.

In conjunction with the Tower, this medicine is truly about revisiting what has been successful in the past in creating joy, beauty, and personal power. Perhaps that process is shifting for you, and it is time to reassess your old strategies towards success. For now, let these be meditations, rather than action items. Now is the time to get clear on what it is that needs to change in order for you to move forward.

Eight of Swords ~ What is Above

The Eight of Swords presents us with an interesting challenge this week. All about anxiety and over-thinking, this warning card reminds us to stay grounded. Take all the salt baths, be aware of negativity that can easily be eliminated from your life by simply walking away, and be sure to make time for real rest. While this heady card can be tension filled, the flip side is that it fuels the fires of your personal transformation.

First Aid Kit ~ Leopard Skin Jasper

An ace stone for times of change, Leopard Skin Jasper will help us find the most positive ways to move through moments of monumental upheaval. Notice that everyone has their own ways of working through these periods of pivot and reorientation. No one’s process will be the same. Honor your path and vision by tapping into the energies that make you feel the most alive. All jaspers are very protective stones, reminding you to feel safe and at home in your individuality.


Tarot decks used:

The Lioness Oracle Tarot, by Alejandra León

Visions: A Crystal Oracle Deck, by Jessika Fancy


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