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This week I’ve used a Four Corner’s Spread to determine how our energies will play out. For those tarot readers out there, the Four Corner’s Spread is a spontaneous method of reading the cards, that relies more on our intuition, rather than a set context for interpretation.

The Emperor + The Queen of Swords = Power Couple

At the top of the square we have the Emperor showing up again, (having made an appearance last week) this time in his most regal form. If the Emperor archetype were a shape, it would be a square, so it’s no surprise to see the Emperor poised in one of our four corners. The Emperor’s main aim is creating structure. It’s time to feel into what we have been manifesting into reality. Notice what has taken root from your visions and intentions manifested on the new moon in Taurus. How has it shifted? What is your relationship to it? Are you pleased with what has been blossoming?

Emperor’s message for us is also about self-worth. Celebrate what you are creating in this lifetime! The intensity of this time has been no joke, and we all deserve a gold star for riding these cosmic waves. We deserve to be proud of ourselves. The Emperor reminds us to be seen and heard, and to enjoy it!

The Queen of Swords, opposite our Emperor, is asking us to step into our warrior self. When we stand fully into our authority, authenticity, and autonomy, we communicate our true self to the universe. The Queen of Swords is a master communicator and a keen manipulator of her wit. Harness the energy of a skilled warrior, and watch as your creative side project transforms into a business plan. When the Queen of Swords consorts with the Emperor, our most heady plans heed major earthly rewards. If you are hoping to take your career, vocation, or passion, to the next level, now is the time to take the leap of faith, and meet your risk with an equal amount of follow-through and self-assurance.

The Hanged Woman + the 7 of Wands = Dissolution

Paradoxically, the base of our square is all about dissolving boundaries and releasing tensions. The Hanged Woman’s mantra is “surrender.” Surrender to what works, what flows easily, and to what creates ease in your life. Once we are able to float, allowing the cosmic tides to guide us, we are less likely to get hung up on the small things, or the people, situations, substances, that are all wrong for us. If the Hanged Woman could prescribe us a magical medicine, it would be meditation. Create practices and spaces in your life that allow for stillness and quietude. Then the real messages will be able to be fully downloaded.

The 7 of Wands has a similar message for us about release. We are in the caldron of major change, and with that comes consequences and loss. We cannot walk through life gathering and collecting energy without our backs breaking from the pressure. We must become fluid and light as a feather, to be able to weather the shifts and changes that we will inevitability experience. Letting go is an art that we will continue to hone throughout our lifetime. The 7 of Wands arrives in moments of major stress, as a signal that it’s time to lighten our workload, lighten the energy of our relationships, or lighten the frequency of our mental space.

In the Gut ~ Elixir Fruit / Essence

Our central connecting card, Essence, is a reminder to return to center (or spirit) in moments of intensity. When we return to the present moment we are able experience greater clarity. Distill your immediate experiences to their most potent essence, and you will be totally in the present. Essence is ethereal, like energy, and like energy, Essence is real and vital to a pleasurable existence. Ground into your experiences this week through taste, touch, and smell. Tune into the sensuality of your daily experiences, and your life will be pollinated with joy and pleasure.


Tarot decks used:

The Lioness Oracle Tarot by Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

The Tantric Dakini Oracle by Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger


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