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This week, I asked the Medicine Cards to guide us through our blessing and our challenge. Heavy hitting themes of reinvention, and our relationship with the Spirit realm are front and center. While we attempt to ride the waves of challenge and change, it’s important to remember that we all have seen and unseen allies who have our backs.



Blessing: Bat Medicine

Do you feel yourself emerging from a protective cocoon post full moon in Virgo? Are you lingering in the shadows of your comfort zone? Bat medicine is here to remind us to surrender to the great changes that you may be facing at this time. Whatever you are personally struggling with, remember that we are are in a portal of collective transformation and rapid growth. It’s wise to lean into the discomfort and awkwardness that this period of reinvention presents. Return to your bat cave for some serious one-on-one time with your soul. The time to meet yourself is now. It’s time to tackle those ugly ego issues.

The Bat symbolizes surrender, and similar to the Hanged Man of traditional tarot, it also represents a period of initiation. Be mindful of the messages you are receiving from the universe. Bat signals an awakening to a new sense of self, and calls for the death of our worn out ego. Be open to the wealth of possibility on your horizon. Face the dawn. The more we resist change, the more we are inviting suffering into our lives.

Challenge: Contrary Buffalo Medicine

The Buffalo is a symbol of divine abundance in many Native American tribes of the Great Plains. Not only are they a critical staple of existence for these tribes, but they are said to have gifted human beings with the practice of prayer. Buffalo is appearing in the contrary form to remind us to acknowledge our elemental gratitude for life’s gifts, and to give thanks to those higher spirits who guide us daily.

Know that you have ancestors, animals, past life loves, and plant spirits watching and guiding you along your path. Do you know who your spirit team is? If you don’t have a working relationship with these helpers, reach out to them for confirmation, and start the spiritual dialogue. Speak to them in your dreams, in meditation, or through prayer. During times of deep personal growth, it is important to check in with your higher self and those guides who know you so intimately. Maintaining this connecting with a higher power will aid you on your healing journey.

Outcome: Healing

Stay focused on your personal development with the goal to heal. The invitation of the Bat to transform, and the reminder from Buffalo to connect with the Great Spirit are in no-way subtle affirmations for this week! Be kind to yourself. Listen to your favorite record on repeat. Make yourself a pie. Take all the soothing baths you need. Connect with the practices that keep you grounded and clear headed, and most of all, remember that you are on the healing path.


Tarot decks:

Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams & David Carson

Vessel Oracle Deck, by Mary Elizabeth Evans

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