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Energy of the Waning Moon: Reversed Page of Pentacles

As we approach a New Moon on Saturday, we are being asked to release fear and judgement from our lives. Now is the perfect time to finish projects and tie up any loose ends. Illustrating the energy of these dark moon times is the reversed Page of Pentacles. In the reversed position, the Page speaks towards our limited vision to accept what we need to take care of during this week. Don’t allow your ego to get in the way of what you need to accomplish. Act not on your whims, but rather, act from a place of informed sincerity. A reversed Page of Pentacles speaks to all the ways in which we know we need to grow up.


Tool Card: Defeat

Admitting defeat is an important skill to cultivate. To admit defeat is to accept the life lessons which failure teaches us. Defeat is likely appearing this week to eliminate the residue of the reversed Page of Pentacles energy. Understanding what is keeping you from feeling grounded, secure, heard, and loved, will allow you to make the appropriate changes in your life, for the better. Accept defeat and shift the course of your life.


Lesson of the Waning Moon: Death

As the moon reaches its darkest phase, we are being reminded of the potent lesson of Death. All things come to an end, some in natural easy ways, and others, as if a candle has been snuffed out. Echoing of the message of “Defeat,” Death is asking us to take stock of our habits, relationships, programming, and notice what is giving us more vitality and joy, and what is sucking out our energy. The waning moon phase is an excellent time for saying goodbye to toxic relationships and making resolutions to quit smoking or to quit negative self-talk. Know that you have the power of the dark moon charging your will and conviction at this time.


Tool Card: Make

In order to get through this period of realization and resolution, it would be wise to nurture yourself by stimulating your creativity. During the process of symbolic death, it is important to be integrating your newly formed lessons. To process these pathways: paint, sing, cook, dance, and write. Get those old and new emotions out of your head and into the fresh air. When we do this we create more internal space to do the work. This New Moon on Saturday will be a great time for crafting vision boards, and getting creative with your New Moon altars.


Wishing all a safe and fruitful time of transition!


Tarot decks used:

Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini

Vessel Oracle Deck by Mary-Elizabeth Evans

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