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Signifier: The Hierophant
The Hierophant appears to ask us, in what ways are we continuing to learn and grow? In order to make real change in the world, we first must acknowledge the ability to shift our own human behavior and consciousness. Personal growth is real and possible! The Hierophant is our reminder to stay active on our path towards actualization; actualizing our purpose, actualizing our self-worth, and actualizing our higher consciousness.

The importance of community is also highlighted within the Hierophant’s message. Creating spaces where we are pushed to learn new skills, or to seek new knowledge are super important. Without the influence of different outlooks and points of view, our learning process will be shallow. Who are your greatest teachers?

Aspect: The Goddess of Stones
The aspect of our collective personae that is needing some attention this week is the Goddess of Stones. Solidly grounded in her community, her wealth, and her comfort zone, the Goddess of Stones can easily grow complacent if not pushed to expand her awareness. She is in a position of power, and with all the abundance at her fingertips, it would be wise to participate in philanthropic activities. Where do you have energy to give? Whether this be a push to engage more actively in your community of need, or to step out of your comfort zone and socially engage in a new way, it’s time to shake things up.

Change: Two of Stones
The Two of Stones signals a time for reorientation to a path which links our physical output with more spiritual concerns. In what ways does your job feed you energetically as well as materially? If you feel depleted at the end of the day, it’s time to reassess your priorities. With Spring blossoming, now is the time to recharge our energy fields. Find creative ways to reinvigorate areas of your life which feel stagnant.

Tool: Eight of Moons
In order to accept the role of student to the Hierophant, it will be important to accept a fresh perspective. Beginner’s Mind in Zen Buddhism is the practice of facing each moment without our preconceived notions or associations. The Eight of Moons asks us to take a break from all the emotional baggage we have accumulated in order to create new insights. Notice what is causing unintended stress in your life, and make the conscious decision to change those circumstances.

Tarot Decks used:
Golden Wirth Tarot, by Oswald Wirth
Wanderer’s Tarot, by Casey Zabala

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