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The Trickers of the pack, Coyotewomon is here to put us to the test. Have we put our faith in false assumptions and heady expectations? Do we fear our own authority, and constantly seek confirmation from others? Since The Trickster is appearing for us this week, it would be wise to look at the many ways we go about tricking ourselves on the daily. What myths operate to keep our flames diminished? What figures on our path hold us to a standard that is not our own? These are questions we must face when the Trickster appears. This is a test of our endearance on this winding path of self-discovery. Notice the discrepancies between who we think we are, and who we show up as. If we aren’t acting with total integrity, Coyotewomon is liable to slip through the cracks and cause a whole lot of chaos.

Nine of Stones: Prioritizing the Past

It may feel like your burden bundle is a bit lighter this week, with the almighty Venus out of her retrograde motion. Having so many planets in retrograde, we have surely received the message to slow down and recalibrate (and if we haven’t we surely understand the consequences by now). The Nine of Stones here, in the past position of the spread, is a reminder that we did our best to be organized. Prioritizing the most urgent and ignoring the rest was a major theme of these past few weeks. The message here is to know that you did your best, and that you created serious stability through and through. Give yourself some appreciation.

Death: Hello! Goodbye?

It’s no surprise that we are confronted with the old grim reaper this week, after we went through the toppling out our own metaphorical tower last week. Here, Death is inviting us to complete the cycle. What needs to be faced in order to move forward? We usually know the answer to this question, but we’d really rather not answer. Time to shine a light on the shadowy parts of our soul to get to the heart of this issue. When something has reached its conclusion, there needs to be a moment of integration, and realization that we are ready for the next phase of our quest. Death is here to say, goodbye! In a very real way. Whether your negative ego needs to get the axe, or a bad habit is dragging you down, the time for calling it quits has arrived.

Prophet of Moons: Reversed Knowing

When the Prophet of Moons is reversed, something is blocking our sense of self worth. If you feel your vision is clouded, take some time to get clear. Spend some time by yourself. Spend some time with nature. Spend some time untangling the knots created by your monkey mind. A Prophet is someone with long range vision of the future. The Prophet of Moons is one who is totally integrated with their intuitive abilities. It’s time to give yourself a little more credit. Don’t let your ego or anyone else in your life deny your intuitive nature. Trust in the subtle feelings and energetic signals you receive. They will become integral to understanding your path and purpose.

A strong intuition would never invite Coyotewomon into their home.


Tarot decks used:

Daughters of the Moon, by Ffiona Morgan

Wanderer’s Tarot, by Casey Zabala

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