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If you’re ready to cultivate a richer and more active dream life, utilizing crystals is a great way to charge up before you shut your eyes. The key is to look for stones that stimulate your higher consciousness, opening the pathway to the beyond. Whether you keep them on your nightstand, meditate with them before bedtime, or even keep a few under your pillow, here are our favorite crystals for lucid dreaming. 

Dream Quartz

Dream Quartz is a special classification of Quartz (which itself is known to have excellent dream stimulating properties) that has mineral inclusions, giving it hues of green, pink, or brown. This crystal works on your crown chakra to help you answer questions. It’s a great stone to meditate with beforehand-simply think about a question you have about you life, and let the Dream Quartz help you find the answer.


This crystal is said to be helpful for interpreting your dreams. Stichtite is also known for it’s healing properties, making it a great choice if your dream work involves moving past trauma.


Iolite is a crystal for journeys, especially nocturnal ones. Its all about movement through psychic spaces and building intuition, encouraging exploration and illumination.


Moldavite is a heavy hitter in the dream world, working on all seven chakras. This crystal is all about transformation—if you’re ready to dream deep and shake up your life, Moldavite is a perfect choice.


Known for its powerful psychic and intuition building properties, Azurite can help you access your unconscious mind so your dreams will be more powerful.


Amethyst is a wonderful tool that helps you recall your dreams, so you can work through what you’ve learned while you’re awake. It also promotes peaceful sleep and aids in creativity.


As the name suggests, Moonstone is often connected with the power of the la luna. Moonstone brings the unconscious to light and encourages wisdom.

March is Dream On month here at Sanctuary, a new series in which we’ll explore the ins and outs of lucid dreaming. Check back each week for more practical guides, dream meditations, and expert advice on how to explore your dreams and awaken your mind. 

Image via Fred Schuster
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