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Fat Feminist Witch

As the name of the podcast would suggest, Fat Feminist Witch explores witchcraft through a modern feminist perspective. She discusses race issues within witch communities, such as How White Witches Talk About Black Magick, activism and magic, and using witchcraft to cope with the ever-present patriarchy. She also interviews some awesome guests, like Natalie Zaman, who authored Magical Destinations of the Northeast: Sacred Sites, Occult Oddities, and Magical Monuments (which Fat Feminist Witch also reviewed on her podcast), and Lilith Dorsey, who wrote Love Magic.

Spirits Podcast

Spirits Podcast mixes two of our favorite things— magic and cocktails. In each episode, co-hosts Amanda and Julia pour a drink and recount different myths from a variety of cultural backgrounds. In fact, they do a fantastic job aligning their episodes with current events, such as their Pride-inspired telling of the Australian Aboriginal story of the Rainbow Serpent and Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Overall, this podcast is fun to listen to whether you’re alone and sober or drunk and with your friends.

That’s So Retrograde

Co-hosts Stephanie Simbari, a comedian, yogi, and spiritual seeker, and Elizabeth Kott, former Rachel Zoe employee and current creative director, bring conversations of wellness and wide-range spirituality with humor in this podcast. They make crystal healing trendy by discussing it with actress Emma Roberts, but also keep it real by having an in-depth and educational discussion with renowned shaman, Colleen McCann. Whether the hosts are discussing alchemy or nutrition, you’ll finish every episode with a renewed desire to connect with your spirituality and wishing they were your friends.

Myths Podcast

This podcast gives old myths and legends a more modern and adult spin. You can tune in every Wednesday to hear stories that range from tales of Vikings to dragons and that cover thousands of years. This is a great choice to listen to when you would rather focus on how fucked up the world the world used to be instead of how focusing on how fucked up it is today.

Astral Projection Radio Hour (Witch Radio)

For those who miss live radio shows: Astral Projection Radio Hour: Tuesdays 4-6pm PT on @BFFdotFM. Dark sounds, occult vibes, feminism, and cat magic with @wolfchirp and @melissagraeber, you can listen to witchy playlists, that include a wide-array of artists and are inspired by a lot of cool shit like Twin Peaks and having your dream coven.

Bad and Bruja

A podcast by incredibly cool women @ladiearth @ashbestos and @ThaDalaiMama about sex, mysticism, astrology, gender, and more. The hosts not only have some great conversations about shadow work and alchemy as a means to quit smoking and how anal fits in with astrology, but also have some great educational stuff, like how to read a birth chart. Listening to this podcast will simultaneously leave you feeling empowered and like you still have so much to learn.

Astrology Podcast

This podcast consists of historical, brainy, in depth discussions on technical, historical, and philosophical topics related to astrology. Professional astrologer Chris Brennan, who focuses on Greco-Roman astrological traditions, hosts the show and provides extensive monthly forecasts and interviews expert guests – including Bill Nye, so you know it’s very science-centric! You may want to bear in mind that this podcast is intended for audiences with intermediate and advanced knowledge of astrology.

Stars on Fire

A podcast from @TheMeccanism (Contributors @bustle @xonecole @essence) and sidereal astrologer @JSoAbove focuses on both kinds of stars – the ones in the sky and the ones on the screen. The hosts hilariously combine pop culture and astrology to discuss everything from Trump to personal accountability. You can tune in twice a month to listen to two Sagittarius ladies make sense of the world through an astrological lens.

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