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The opening of March sees Venus stationing retrograde in Aries as she disappears from the night sky and into the underworld, before resurfacing as a morning star in the last degrees of Pisces. During Her six-week retrograde period, Venus guides us to reprioritize our desires and approach relationships from a different angle. To better discern the how the pattern of this Venus retrograde cycle plays out in your life, look back in increments of 8 years to previous Venus retrogrades that occurred between  March and April of 2009, 2001, 1993 and so forth.

Aside from Venus retrograde, the astrology of March includes Mars’ ingress into Taurus. This grants stability and perseverance towards our goals, but only after a slow start. Late March welcomes the season of Spring as the Sun ascends from the depths of Pisces to the exalted spirits of Aries on the 20th. Meanwhile, Mercury finds itself tangled in a number of challenging configurations between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, preparing us for a second Jupiter-Pluto square (which we previously saw on November 24th, 2016). Many of us will be tested by negotiations toward progress and satisfy personal motives while effectively navigating the dynamics of power and where it belongs.



March’s cosmic weather makes this a time of heightened activity for you. Among the many significant planetary transits to be encountered this month is Venus’s station retrograde in Aries on the 4th. Her descent into the underworld marks a powerfully transformative time for you, in which you’ll be prompted to give more thought to body image and how you feel about yourself. Consider marking the 18th and the 25th on your calendar for deeper contemplation on matters of self-image.

On the other hand, a stark contrast between internal doubts and visible pride becomes apparent between the 23rd and 24th. Your challenge will be to find a sweet spot between speaking your mind and holding your tongue. As the Jupiter-Pluto square nears at month’s end you’ll come to realize that this month is largely about reinventing aspects of yourself. Set your intentions around this during the New Moon in Aries, which occurs on the 27th.




There is more going on for you than meets the eye, Taurus. Your ruling planet, Venus, stations retrograde in Aries on the 4th. You’re invited to delve deeper into subliminal layers and discover your emotional and psychological triggers. This could be an exceptionally insightful period of time! Make a point to engage in practices that aim to expand awareness.

An interesting dialogue begins to take place once Mars enters Taurus on the 9th, simultaneously exchanging signs with Venus. Getting personal projects started could feel particularly challenging as you could feel unmotivated with an underlying sense of urgency at once. Ignoring uneasy feelings for the sake of powering your way through life won’t get you far now. Experiencing more anger, a greater absence of joy, or relationship issues is a sign that it’s time to look inward and reconnect with what is and isn’t important to you. Consider taking some more alone time and diving into spiritual practices that give you solace and remedy to any psychic wounds waiting to be healed.




This month’s Full Moon in Virgo culminates on the 12th, spilling light on internal dilemmas, the weight of certain relationships and the crossroads you’ve reached. This lunation is an ideal time to clean house and nourish your roots, but it’s also time to clean up any clutter scattered along your career path. As you sift through dusty particulars and memories of the past, consider how you might honor some of that as you move forward towards your calling.

Meanwhile, your ruling planet (Mercury) spends the majority of the month busily aspecting Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. Throughout Mercury’s trail ride you’ll be nudged to reimagine your aspirations and asked to consider the relationships and expectations influencing your hopes and dreams.




Several planetary transits through Aries ignite sparks of friction and raise concern about your work, giving the path of your life’s calling a central focus this month. If you feel dissatisfied about the path you’ve been heading down, now is the time to ask yourself why and reorient yourself. But as the days of March go by, you’ll find an increased sense of boldness and a growing urge to share your journey with the world. While the end of the month brings some bumpy astro-weather to aspects of your home and personal relationships, that turbulence could actually be the catalyst that plays a significant role in what you’re becoming over the next few months.




Hesitating about what’s ahead could be a theme this month, as Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and exchanges signs with a vulnerable retrograde Venus. There is a staying power available to you now when it comes to pursuing your path, but that command of energy will be more potent once you’re confident in the vision you want to follow. The astrology of March is largely about a very personal exploration of the unfamiliar and flirting with the notion of leaping out of your comfort zone, which is always uncomfortable at times. As you travel out on your own, fluctuations of self-assurance will occur along the way, but you’ll also be greeted with plenty of adventure and a greater appreciation for independence.




March is packed with Mercurial activity, steering a significant portion of your focus towards the interpersonal dynamics involving exchanges and expectations. What felt like a secondary theme last month will now ask for your full attention. Earlier in the month, the Full Moon in Virgo sweeps in and smiles upon you as She reminds you that you’re not alone. Let the people closest to you care for you now instead of trying to take care of everyone else (as per usual Virgo style).

As the month comes to a close, several configurations between your ruling planet (Mercury), Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus ask you to be more discerning with shared resources in case of financial fluctuations between the 24th and the 26th, but themes of cultivating confidence versus giving your power away also brew in the background as the March reaches an end.




Relationships continue to be the major theme of your monthly astrology, as a number of transits through Aries inspire and even push you to express aspects of yourself through the people closest to you– without overwhelming them. You may even feel the need to check your ego from time to time as configurations between Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto ask you to get a feel for your own power. As usual, you’ll want to do your best to find a fitting balance. Your ruling planet, Venus, also stations retrograde in Venus at the beginning of the month. This nudges you to question your relationship to relationship itself. By month’s end, a New Moon in Aries arrives to offer you a fresh start in these matters.




A quick-paced daily regimen takes up most of your time and energy this month, as the fire-saturated sky beams overhead. Being “busy” will probably feel like an understatement to you now, but it’s even important that you aren’t neglecting your well-being (physically, mentally and emotionally). Your day-to-day life is up for an internal review this month and it’s time to identify necessary changes so that you’re content with your work and comfortable in your skin. Consider inviting a partner to engage in a New Moon ritual during the dark moon in Aries on the 27th to welcome the upcoming changes in your daily life.

Speaking of partners, relationships can feel both frustrating and exceptionally sexy this month with Mars transiting through Taurus. Whether you’re a couple or unattached, you’ll be asked to extend a fair amount of respect to others if you hope to receive the same. Effective communication will come a bit easier once Mercury enters Taurus on the 31st.




While most of the month is colored by your motivation to crank up the  fun and satisfaction in your life, Venus’s station retrograde points to an underlying theme of reevaluating what pleasure really means to you. Mid-month, a Full Moon in Virgo arrives on the 12thmarking a milestone or the culmination of a professional goal. Alternatively, this may be a time where circumstances at home or within the family ask you to reconsider the trajectory of your professional path. Ultimately, you’ll be the one to decide whether it’s time for a change or not.

Meanwhile, planetary tension surfaces between your ruling planet (Jupiter), Mercury and Pluto near the end of the month. This will be your friendly reminder that indulging in too much of a good thing can spoil an experience.




Matters of the the home and your relationships in that space will continue to take up most of your attention this month as Venus stations retrograde on the 4th. A rise in tension (internally or between you and your co-habitants) makes for an uncomfortable living situation later in the month as Mercury makes confrontational aspects to Jupiter and Pluto. But March won’t leave you without opportunities for pleasure and agreeable moments. Even if aspects of your private life feel particularly challenging during Venus’ time retrograde, you’ll find a chance to enjoy yourself around the 18th and 25th.

Later in the month, Sol and Luna merge for the New Moon in Aries. This raises questions about the home front while encouraging you to cut out the deep patterns that might be holding you back from achieving personal endeavors. As March wraps up with a hard-hitting configuration between Jupiter and Pluto, opportunities and challenges present themselves in the form of power, resourcefulness and the transformation needed to make the most of the two.




Words and thoughts are powerful things. They’ll take on greater consequences this month as a retrograde Venus nudges you to express your spirited thought waves with kindness and compassion, to yourself and others. Although your immediate surroundings could initially feel stale and leave you feeling restless, reflecting inward offers you an energy boost to make satisfactory changes to your environment. These changes may feel easiest to start from the outside and working your way in, but a lingering internal discomfort requires a shift in your self-talk— one way or another. As genuine confidence grows and shapes your mental substance, consider spending more time in your local community or engaging in activities with neighbors. This will foster a renewed sense of confidence and sense of unity with your kin.




As the Sun leaves your sign this month, you’ll notice a seamless transition in themes from your relationship with the self to your relationship with valuables (both tangible and intangible). The Full Moon in Virgo arrives on the 12th, shedding light on your partnerships and reflecting blurry images of both your mystique and imperfections. Try not to let the imperfections take over your appreciation for your relationships.

In retrospect, your journey over the last few years feels like a much longer stretch than time would admit. Be mindful that the self-imposed pressure you surrender to around the 17th yields a purpose. Discipline and devotion are admirable traits, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that self-inflicted punishment is the same thing.

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