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With Venus just entering her retrograde phase, it’s time to do some exploring around our relationship with the planet of Love. When a planet enters into retrograde, its energy is felt more intensely and its mythic impulses realized more fully. This week notice the ways in which you feel indulgent, compassionate, and intimate.


Who is Venus Retrograde?

The Queen of Cups represents a women fully embodied in her emotions. She is able to hold space for a wounded friend and able to protect those who are most vulnerable in the world. Ultimately, she is a healer. Her modality is her ability to show up, open her heart, and give agency to those in need. Venus, normally associated with the element of Earth, is drifting into a more watery realm. It’s as if she is accepting herself in a more vulnerable state – a state welcoming change.

Acknowledge where you are holding emotional baggage and creating areas of stagnation in your energy field. These areas are where Venus, all dolled up as the Queen of Cups, wants to move through you. Let her in! By embodying the watery power to shift, change, and purify, we will be able to grow into a new awareness of self-love and self-worth, and as a result provide better care for others.

What is the challenge presented by this retrograde cycle?

9 of Swords. A possible pitfall of this Venus retrograde is the tendency to dwell on our suffering. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the emotional baggage. If you find yourself leaning into the pain of the past, present, or future, try to swim to the surface for some air. Move out of your mind and into your heart, where Venus can guide you through the cleansing and clarifying process of understanding your emotional realms.

What is the healing potential presented by this retrograde?

8 of Moons. Create safe and solitary spaces in your life this week to tend to your emotional garden. If you’ve let your garden become crowded with weeds, it may be time to get your hands dirty. Give yourself permission to grieve, to be intimate with yourself, or to come to terms with a new sense of self. Get to know your emotional side through meditation, journaling, or singing softly. Most importantly, love the process.

What energy can we harness to make it through this retrograde?

Strength. Mediating the tension between the broody 9 of Knives, and the moody 8 of Moons is Strength. With her hands gingerly poised between the lion’s teeth, Strength knows how to keep her mind free and clear of fear. If the energy of this retrograde has you feeling too many feelings, try to ground yourself in your strengths. How have you navigated stormy seas previously? Buoy yourself with what you know works for you. Comfort yourself as only you know how. Court yourself as only you can. Instead of waiting for someone or something to give you tender loving care, romance yourself in your most authentic way.


Tarot decks used:

Dream Mountain Tarot, by Bea Nettles

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