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Are you reeling with an emotional hangover post new moon in Pisces? So much was revealed and digested this lunar cycle, that it’s natural for us to be spinning with the weight of it all. For this week’s reading, I’ve chosen a signifier to represent our collective state. Two growth opportunities are offered to the querent and the signifier. Although the two opportunity cards are not exclusive, take note of which outcome resonates most with your spirit.


cardsThe Signifier: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man signifies a type of emotional attachment, to a feeling, sensation, or idea. In a position of total surrender to their attachment, the Hanged Man is able to retreat into themselves, meditate, and experience a sense of solitude. Stationed in a place of repose, and this archetype is really asking us to consider our receptive nature. In what situations are we passive, when should be standing up for ourselves or others? What decisions did the Hanged Man make to get him into the position he finds himself in?

This week, allow yourself some space to integrate your emotions. Whether this new-moon eclipse portal was an emotional roller coaster, or a blissed out trip, take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself and the relationships in your life. Know that it is okay to slow down and recharge.

Possible Opportunity: King of Swords

The King of Swords represents someone with a sharp wit, and excellent mental prowess. Able to deconstruct an argument and craft an airtight response, the King of Swords is someone you’d be loathed to face on the debate stage. Here, the King of Swords is asking us to step into our intellectual power. Whether you feel confident in your skills, or not, now is the time to be concocting, strategizing, organizing, and getting ready to strike. A fierce warrior, the King of Swords uses their mental aptitude to achieve their goals.

Harness this energy by making lists, brainstorming with your community, and getting prepared to take action. The outcome here is really about moving from your emotional learnings, to a more intellectual and action oriented head-space.

Possible Opportunity: The Hermit

Time to take that solo trip, create your own inner sanctuary, or carve out more minutes for me-time. The Hermit is appealing to our inner sense of quietude. We all need some time and space to journey inward, and The Hermit is our guide. If the Pisces new moon sparked more questions than answers, it may to time for you to dig deeper into your motives and intentions. Seek guidance through meditation, sound healing, or your favorite philosophers. Now is the time to study yourself and the world at large, to gain more insight about your place in the cosmic whole.

In order to work with Hermit energy, you must create space in your life that is solely yours. Whether that means a room in your home, or an hour walking in a park or visiting a museum, solo time is a crucial aim of Hermit medicine. Get to know yourself deeply, so that the fear of loneliness is less of a threat. Return to your favorite stories, songs, teachings, and poetry for consolation.

Tarot decks used:

Golden Wirth Tarot by Jaymi Elford and Oswald Wirth

The Lioness Oracle Tarot by Alejandra León

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