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As a new year begins, we restore our sense of purpose and determination for self-improvement. Some people start by signing up for a gym membership or a professional development class, but if 2016 was as bad as people say, this is a perfect time to start our resolutions by removing negative energy so that we can work together for a better year ahead. To begin clearing out the debris I had picked up over the last twelve months, I tried a special type of healing with Molly Burkett, a New York-based intuitive healer who specializes in Violet Flame Activation.

Violet Flame Activation is a particular type of energy cleansing. It’s not “a psychic reading or something to be pursued out of idle curiosity,” as Molly told me, but rather to be used for “proactive participants who are already invested in their own healing and growth.” The Violet Flame is an energetic force that is meant to remove negative vibrations. When activated, it “is then part of a larger collective experience, an elevation of consciousness…Your doubt that you are part of an ultimately loving universe is the first obstacle you will encounter, confront and conquer on the path to realizing the truth. The Violet Flame is not the path for everyone, but the Truth, the destination of all life paths, is simple and essential: love.”

I had never encountered the Violet Flame until our session took place. In a physical cleanse, we cut out vices like caffeine or sugar (it’s usual to expect a few days of feeling sub-par, as old toxins reactivate to leave out of our systems). But could the same effect take place on a psychic level? Before my activation, Molly emailed me with full details on how the session would work. She explained that most of the aftermath would be up to me. “In terms of clearing energy, my job is like a dental hygienist — I can help you clear the built-up debris, but it’s up to you going forward to practice good ‘psychic hygiene’. Move toward what makes you feel radiant and let go of that person or place or project that is draining you.” I became less concerned about being a raw ball of nerves afterward. Instead, I focused on keeping myself open to receive what she would be sending my way.

Molly keeps her sensibilities crystal clear before healing, actively setting aside her own perceptions, judgments, ego and insecurities that all humans share. She sees each of us through the eyes of the Violet Flame, “which is totally loving and understanding, and recognizes your ultimate potential.” Molly knew nothing about me besides my name and birthday and said before we began that, “I’m not the source of the information, just the messenger. It’s like I’m one of those old-school switchboard operators, and I can see where all the cords go, and I am just there to plug you into the Violet Flame and connect you to the message you need to hear at that time.” There’s a myth that many outsiders believe, which is that healers and intuitives claim to know more about us than we know about ourselves. But once we participate in our own healing, it’s easier to understand that intuitives don’t claim to be all-knowing. They only receive more signs and information that doesn’t come to others as easily. Why not share it if we have it?

Molly sent me an email to tell me our session would begin shortly. I put in my earplugs and started our 45-minute time together with a meditation. At a certain point I stretched and felt “done.” Sure enough, only one second was left on the timer and our 45 minutes were up. Molly sent me a follow-up email with an integration sheet and report on my activation. Her integration sheet explains how to handle our release of negative energy and how to let go of the debris I had been hanging on to. I braced myself as I opened up my report.

Molly’s report touched on most of the thoughts I had during my meditation. Even my grandmother, the only spirit who occasionally visits me, dropped by with some messages for her. There was no way that Molly could have known these things before or during our session. She received information that was connected to my career, my higher self, areas in my chakras that I knew needed some tending, past baggage and my psychic abilities that I should nurture. The report serves as a road map for how to use my most powerful traits to remove residual clutter and clear a path for good things ahead.

An energetic cleansing like Violet Flame Activation helps us to stop focusing so much on what we hated about the past year along with our hangups, resentments and self-doubt. It’s a powerful reminder that when we can let go of the garbage, we’re left with plenty of positivity to offer the collective human experience. 2017 is a fine year to open up and use our strengths to benefit others around us. 

Image via Terry Mattioni.

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